Over 55 years of experience in ventilation construction Europe-wide express shipping, delivery time 3-7 days. Over 55 years of experience in ventilation construction Europe-wide express shipping, delivery time 3-7 days.


Our products are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Warranty conditions

The following conditions on the prerequisites and extent of our warranty service do not affect the seller's warranty obligations arising from the sales contract with the end-user.

The warranty is provided on this unit subject to the following conditions:


Subject to the following conditions (n. 2 to 6), we shall remedy free of charge any flaws in the device that can be proven to be due to a material and/or manufacturing defect, provided they are brought to our attention immediately after detection and within 24 months of delivery to the first end customer. If the defect becomes apparent within 6 months of delivery, it is presumed to have been caused by a material or manufacturing defect.


No warranty obligations shall arise out of a) minor deviations (in design and/or specifications) from the nominal condition of the device that do not affect the value or usability of the product, b) any damage resulting from chemical and electrochemical water effects, c) abnormal environmental conditions or operating conditions deviating from the intended purpose, d) any contact between the device and unsuitable materials. Likewise, no warranty coverage is provided if the defects in the device are due to improper installation and assembly, misuse, use other than the normal household application, inadequate care, or failure to observe operating or assembly instructions.

Warranty claims expire if repairs or interventions are carried out by unauthorised staff, or whenever a defect occurs as a result of our devices having been fitted with spare parts, supplementary or accessory parts that are not original.


Warranty is provided by repairing defective parts free of charge or replacing them with faultless ones at our discretion.
The internal unit of the device shall be collected by us and returned to the client.
A proof of purchase bearing the purchase and/or delivery date must be presented in each case. Replaced parts become the property of the supplier.


Should we refuse or fail to rectify the defect, an equivalent replacement shall be supplied free of charge within the aforementioned warranty period following a request by the customer.


The warranty period will not be extended due to the provision of services under this warranty, nor will a new warranty period be initiated. The warranty period for installed spare parts expires along with the warranty period for the whole device.


Further or different claims, in particular those for compensation for damages incurred outside the device, are excluded - unless liability is mandatory by law.

Safety first!

The easiest way to prevent dangerous flue gases from entering the room is to install a room air-independent chimney stove. This draws the required oxygen via an additional air pipe that runs through the outer wall. This method is particularly beneficial for new buildings and renovations. If a room air-dependent chimney stove is already present in the property, the room should be equipped with an air pressure monitor. Connected to the ventilation system, the pressure monitor will detect any negative pressure and switch it off for a short time. A carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) also provides additional protection.

If in doubt, contact a chimney cleaning professional

A chimney cleaning professional is not only responsible for commissioning, but also for safety in relation to chimney stoves with ventilation systems. Therefore, if in doubt, always contact a trusted chimney professional.