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Ambientika smart

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Single room heat recovery ventilation system

Product number: 4893973177381

Can be controlled with the Ambientika app

Also ideal for landlords, as the tenant does not have to be given control and operation can be controlled via the app.

The device can optionally be controlled with a remote control (not included). Even without an internet connection, the master device responds to the remote control after initial commissioning.

Download instruction manual

Download instruction manual app

Novelty: Intelligent ventilation system

SMART mode:

Based on the measurement values from 4 integrated sensors in the indoor unit, the ventilation system independently decides how best to ventilate the space in order to achieve perfect air quality in the living space. The measurement values are compared with the nearest weather station online using a database
• Internal temperature sensor;
• Humidity sensor;
• Twilight sensor
• VOC sensor (p.s. this air quality sensor does not directly detect CO2, but it does allow for a good approximation of carbon dioxide measurement through detection of volatile organic compounds)

Additional automatic functions in Smart mode:
When these three conditions occur at the same time:
Indoor temperature > 24 °C
Outdoor temperature > 20 °C
Outdoor T < indoor T
the ventilation system switches to "summer mode" and only works in FREE COOLING mode without heat recovery

When it is dark in the master ventilation unit room, the whisper-quiet night mode is automatically activated

The product is off, the humidity threshold is fixed at 60% and cannot be changed.
When the humidity value detected by the sensor exceeds 60%, the product switches to heat recovery mode at speed 1.

Twilight sensor is not active.

AIR FLOW SYSTEM with selectable direction to choose optimal house side for incoming air.
And many more setting options


Included in the package

  • complete set ventilation unit: if the wall thickness is less than 50cm, nothing else is needed
  • installation model
  • instructions manual

General characteristics

  • The device can be wirelessly connected to other devices. These then communicate via your router. Ventilation zones can be created for initial commissioning using Bluetooth (e.g. day and night area, each device is given a name). An internet connection is mandatory.
  • A SET G3 filter is delivered with the device
  • Option of choosing between different settings and programs  with the Ambientika App
  • Ceramic heat exchanger with an efficiency level of up to 93%
  • Compact, versatile and easy to use
  • Made from robust, high-quality materials with an appealing design
  • Double filter, separated by air intake and air outlet, easy to remove and clean
  • No condensation outlet required
  • Speed can be controlled with an output of up to 60 m3/h
  • Length up to 500 mm
  • Alternating airflow
  • Electronically controlled motor (brushless)
  • Energy-saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Devices with direct extraction must be attached to external walls of a building and have an installation duct which is between 250 and 500 mm long
  • The installation duct can be extended outward by up to three metres using a duct with the same diameter. Where an extension is required, the maximum permissible length of the pipe is 2.5 metres (including a 90° bend)
  • Simple ventilation system with no need for ducts
  • Filter and heat exchanger are easy to remove and clean
  • To be used, without significant effort, as an alternative to existing ventilation which needs replacing
  • RAEE: DE48132126

More product information

Handling the app and additional information


COMMUNICATION BETWEEN APP – Südwind SERVER – ventilation unit

  1. When a button is pressed in the APP, the APP communicates with the Südwind SERVER via the internet. The Südwind SERVER in turn communicates with the ventilation unit’s master unit via the internet.
  2. If the INTERNET or the SERVER is not working properly, the devices can no longer be controlled via the APP. (The only way to control them is with the optional remote control). In this case, the master ventilation units – if they are not controlled via the remote control – will continue to operate in the last set mode until the home Wi-Fi network is active again (even without Internet access).
  3. If the SERVER or the INTERNET are not working properly and the master ventilation units are in SMART mode (mode in which the information gathered online is used), then the devices continue to function with the last weather data they received before the problem occurred. As soon as the devices get an internet connection again, the data will be updated automatically.


In the case of installing several units, the units should be mounted as far apart from each other as possible. This ventilates the entire living space, making the most effective effect of the ventilation system. One unit covers approx. 30m² of living space.


The product is constituted by a main operating unit with wall joint to be placed inside the room, a recessed tube containing the ceramic exchanger and filters, an external conveyor with wall joint.


The regenerator can be installed in homes and, generaly, in domestic and public places. dhe product is provided with a heat exchanger of ceramic type that accumulates heat during the air extraction from the room, while during the release of air from the outside, the device transfers the heat stored in the exchanger, to the incoming air. dhe product must be installed at the wall. The tube inside of which the ceramic exchanger is positioned, is equipped for walls with a maximum of 400/500mm of thickness͖ the tube can be shortened to a minimum of 250mm.

Info Product

Parameter description
Measurement units

Air flow at maximum speed



Efficiency of the ceramic regenerator



Noise level at maximum speed (3m)



Noise level at minimum speed (3m)



Operating temperature


-20°C +50°C

Absorbed power


⌀ 6,7

Filters included


Filtering class EN 779



Power supply


230 Vac – 50 Hz




Soundproofing against external noise


Weighted standard sound level difference Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 43 (-2;-4) dB

Products in comparison

Ambientika advanced+


With integrated sensor technology.

  • Automatic operation
  • Unit supplied with remote control and wall mounting bracket 
  • Can be wired to up to 15 other devices 
  • Minimal noise emissions – high-tech fan positioned behind the heat exchanger
  • Optional free cooling  – direction selectable
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Ambientika wireless+


With integrated sensor technology.

  • Automatic operation
  • Unit supplied with remote control and wall mounting bracket
  • Can be wirelessly connected to up to 15 other devices
  • Minimal noise emissions – high-tech fan positioned behind the heat exchanger
  • Safe and reliable radio frequency (with built-in transmitter/receiver)
  • Optional free cooling – direction selectable
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Ambientika solo+


The SOLO model, suitable for single-room solutions, operates autonomously without requiring manual control. This model can be connected to the dew point control or radon measurement system. For living rooms, the other models with sensor technology are recommended, because these models can work more quietly due to the whisper-quiet night mode.
Tip: If the Solo+ units are coupled with the time delay module (accessory), the optimal effect of cross ventilation can be achieved.

  • Includes a set of G3 filters
  • Radio remote control with three speed levels included in the set
  • Minimal noise emissions - high-tech fan positioned behind the heat exchanger
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Automatic operation makes it ideal for rental properties
  • Energy-efficient
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